Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blog Neglect

Oh, my gosh, you need to go here and see what Kristen has written on her blog about me. It makes me feel a little sheepish and sort of embarassed - yet really pleased and is giving me big smiles. I've gone back and read it a couple of times for a big ego boost.
Kristen is one of the very first folks that I felt a connection with a few years ago when I started my Etsy shop. I have checked out her blog weekly and admired her handwoven goodies. You know the pictures that you get in your mind of what someone must be like? Kristen remains there as a kind, generous, intelligent woman out East, but I was sure she must be in her late 20s 'cause she has two wee kids. Now I find out this Attorney trained woman is about the same age as my own girls. Well past 30.

I've been neglecting this blog because I'm out of my normal routine with the grandgirls and their dog, Knox, staying with us for the week. We have played tons of games, knitted, spun, shorn sheep, groomed winter hair out of the horses, and last night went to see "Nim's Island" 8 year old Meredith has decided that she wants to put some stuff in my Etsy store so is right this minute weaving a pot holder.