Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold Weather is Here

Christina from Texas bought one of my Moebius scarves and in our conversations, she suggested that I design a winter hat that would accomodate lots of hair. This is what I came up with and listed it in my shop - here
Right now I'm finishing up another in a plain stockinette stitch using a natural brown alpaca/merino blend.

Chores this a.m. were a little brisk. The temp on my thermometer was zero but the television news is saying that it's 12 and 14 below zero. The temperature in the barn was 15, which doesn't seem too bad. I left the horses in and rewatered them because their water had frozen. The alpacas all have heated water. I opened the alpaca doors, but they don't seem to want to venture out. I will go back and check everyone about 10, and maybe kick the horses out. I think it's healthier for them to be outside than shut in their box stalls.


Meg said...

We've been having a weird heat wave over here, things have been in the 60's instead of the low 40's.

critter Lover said...

Hi Maple!

Love your ingenious "Big Hair" winter hat!!! I think you could patent that! Also appreciate you keeping such a close eye on the barn animals and their water in this frigid weather!!! WOW...and colder Thurs. & Friday, they say! Stay warm...hope you are tucked in by your fireplace spinning the chills away!


skiingweaver said...

Love that hat! (Do you ever sell patterns in your store?? I would love to buy some of your patterns!) And, man, it is *brisk* out here in Mass. today, too, but around 12 - 15F above right now instead of 0, eeks!

Klymyshyn Design said...

I sure hope the alpacas aren't cold on my account! (bought some alpaca - great stuff and recommended for thrumming) - Love your hat! It's minus somethin' degrees here in Omaha...still having school...staying in to knit!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

It turned out beautifully, Maple! Love it!!! And I agree with what others have said....I think it is time for you to offer a pattern for sale ;D

AnneMarie said...

Great hat, Maple! I love the drawstring! Sweet!