Thursday, May 3, 2007

Alpaca Show and Vet Call

Tomorrow my dear friend, Beth, and I will be taking these two little boys to an alpaca show in Davisburg, MI. The drive will take us a couple of hours which I don't mind but we have to go on I-75, which is an expressway. Hauling a horse trailer on a "big" road will always terrify me, especially if I have some of my 4 legged friends in the back. I'm trying to get organized today because I would hate to forget some important - like the 'pacas or my spinning wheel.

I put an announcement in my Etsy shop that it is closed until Tuesday. I am taking lots with me to, hopefully, sell and would feel terrible if someone ordered an item that I sold. Last year sales at this show were great. I sold several handspun & knitted hats, but it was very cold. This weekend is supposed to be really nice - sunny and in the 70s.

Our vet came yesterday to look at our pony's eye. She stained it and decided that it has some ulcers (sores?). We are using an antibiotic and a steroid ointment in her eye plus a little Bute in her grain. Kelly is being very good about letting me apply the medication but I do have to have Smitty hold her for me. Vet wants to look at her in a week and thinks that it may just clear up.

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Big Sky Mountain said...

good luck with your show :)