Saturday, October 10, 2009

'Paca Porno

Yep, here you can see a breeding between light fawn Oppie (Gold In Opportunity) and silver gray Mr. T (Tribute to Money). Oppie is a maiden and this was her first breeding. T was a gentleman and did a suitable amount of courting. There is a very good chance of a gray cria with this breeding because Oppie's black dad had a gray dad and her medium fawn mom had a gray grandpa.
Beth and I also did a behaviour test (spit test) between black Chinella and T. She ran and kicked at him which we hope indicates that she is pregnant. EEEHAW! Lots of gray and black between these two also. Wouldn't it be too incredible to have a black or gray girl cria?
After the breeding event we gave Dectomax injections (for the Menegeal Worm) and trimmed toes on the seven boys. Another day in the barn.....
Oh, and Belita ↓ is eating and doing well.


woolies said...

ahhhhhhh! I'm blushing!!! Shouldn't they have some privacy??

Robin said...

Well you've been busy- I will await word of babies to come- will there be a baby shower? LOL

Mulchandmore said...

Your title surprised me but they both look like they are smiling in the picture.LOL
It is so much fun to guess at the color of baby animals (I've had rabbits and cats have young) but without the family tree knowledge you have. I've heard of a rose gray (don't remember if llama or alpaca) but what would that be produced by? and how many months do we wait for the big announcement?

AnnieKints said...

He looks like he can't see what he is doing! At least he's got the right end. I used to have a goat buck who would try the neck and side first, meanwhile the girls were wagging their tails saying "it's over here you idiot!"

Nalamienea said...

I can hear the music in the background now.... LOL