Sunday, September 27, 2009

Damn Muskrats

This is the pond/lagoon that I fenced in to make more pasture for the alpacas. Look what the muskrats have done! Can you see all those tunnels? I really thought that the muskrats and I could live together in a peaceful, respectful coexistence BUT the tunnels are caving in and making holes up on top where my 'pacas graze.
I have this horrible mental picture of one of the alpacas stepping into a hole and breaking a leg.
Today I was going to try to fill all the cave ins with dirt, but when I got out there, it made more sense to just shovel and smoosh down the tunnels. (The boys are checking out my shovel)
I don't think this is a permanent fix so I may have to give in and let Josh trap them like he suggested. Geese, I really hate to do that......


Mulchandmore said...

I've heard with moles that the vibrations set off by a whirlygig in their tunnels will convince them to move, don't know from experience.
I did learn to shoot woodchucks as a kid since I didn't want my horse stepping in their holes:)
I'm sure you will find the right answer.

Debbie said...

The windmills (whirlygig's) work for moles, I've used them before. Only problem is then then pop up somewhere else!

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I say trap them! Now I'm worried about your alpacas!

Robin said...

I say trap them - if they could read you could put up signs. Is there anything you can put in their holes to make them inhospitable to muskrats? like moth balls? Your alpacas come first-I'm sending them a hug.