Thursday, August 13, 2009

More to Eat, Less to Mow

I have been on a committment to cut down on mowing grass. This is my latest idea. Put temporary gates on the end of the drive to the shop/garage/tractor shed. This was always a real booger to mow but, you can see, the alpacas are doing a super job trimming it all up.

Today is another anniversary. A year ago Son Rob and I, with the help of Hospice, brought Smitty home from the hospital. I'm thinking a lot of that day. So glad that Rob was home from Scranton to help. Smitty called about 6 and asked if after chores, could I bring him home. He had had enough. Of course, said I. I called his doctor and by the time we got there, Gregg had taken care of all the necessary discharge stuff and hospice was waiting to help us.
Smitty had a good sized garden and because I don't really enjoy digging in the dirt, I planted wild flowers and grass where it was. Billie (across the street neighbor) has helped me try to stay ahead of the weeds. I did save some of the strawberry patch. Below is a shot from this morning of how it's coming along. Hopefully, some day it will take care of itself and be a little memorial to Smitty.


Michele / akkasha said...

It is always sad when someone you love is gone. I wish there was something to say other than I am so sorry for your loss.

I bet Smitty is enjoying the garden a great deal.

Remember to be good to yourself.

Pamala Rose said...

Keep them alpacas mowing Maple. Your time is much better spent playing with fiber and friends.

Mulchandmore said...

Hugs and good thoughts your way. Wish I could help.

Constance said...

It's so hard, isn't it? But, you know what? Right there on the right, just below the photo of the garden, is a picture of you and Snickers. And, I see and read the beauty of your life here on your blog and I so hope you see it, too. I think we might rather be grateful that we had that person in our life at all ... and, like you're doing, honoring and cherishing Smitty. I'm thinking of you and wishing you peace and hugs...