Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alpacas in Snow and Damned Truck

Remember that snow game we used to play? We would stomp a big pie in the fresh, new snow and play tag. Was it Fox & Geese? I think that's what these 'pacas are playing. They get really excited when I let them out in the morning.
Here's the real reason that I'm posting today. The truck had a recall - windshield wipers, or something. I had to rid it of snow because it gets driven about once a month. If the neighbors were watching, I'll bet they were holding their breath. A snow brush didn't move this snow at all so I got out a rake. Heh, heh, prongy side up and very carefully, I pulled the snow off.\
Anyway, here's the deal. The truck was a year old when Smitty died and he had put life insurance on it. I'm really tired of making the payments and have been contacting the insurance company since the end of August. They are trying to be sure that he had no preexisting conditions before purchasing truck/insurance. Which I understand. But first of all, I had to sign a waiver releasing medical records to RiteAid and the Clinic uptown. To speed things up I contacted both these places myself and asked them to send on the records.
Well, RiteAid's records showed that he had scripts from two other doctors - a cardiologist (routine tests) and a surgeon (knee replacement). I learned this by calling the ins. co. When I contacted these two doctor offices, they hadn't had a request. I faxed a medical release (glad we have a trust) to the offices and asked them to fax Smitty's records on to the ins. co. Finally, on Monday the insurance company says they have all the requested papers, they will evaluate the claim, and I might know by Friday.
Now what if I had been a distressed, grieving widow who didn't want to make waves - would this get settled? Would they have contacted the docotors' offices? How many years would this take?
This is a pretty boring post, but makes me feel better to vent. (That's why I put the cute alpaca pictures first ☺)
Number 24 . I ran the snowblower today. Rob, when you showed me how to work it, you didn't tell me I was going to be covered with snow and that I probably shouldn't wear my glasses.


Kimara said...

Boy do I share your frustration. I know a lot of retirees in the automotive world who are floundering with insurance issues. The lucky ones have family and friends that support them, but the way insurance companies work, even the most enlightened are confused. And you're right, unfortunately...unless you're willing to be aggressive, and fight for what you rightfully have coming, we often get screwed. And, it's usually those of us who need the most help that are the least likely to be able to get it.

;) Thanks for the alpaca're right, softens the realities of an often harsh world! Enjoy your day!


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

You go girl, good job with the insurance company, we had issues with a insurance company a few years ago and it wasn't until we went to a lawyer and had him write a letter that they backed down and payed out. Since then we have learned that the company's give a bonus to their people who convince people they can not collect because of some clause or whatever.
Love the alpaca pictures....they look like they are having a great time!!

Vtknitboy said...

venting is good!

Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

You are one tough farm granny! It is a terrible shame that the same companies that bombard us with commericials of how they will be there for us, create more havoc on the other end. It feels good to hear you took them on and busted through the paperwork.

Clever usage of the rake, too. :)
I did not know about the glasses and snow blower thing. Good to know.

Alpacas' gentle goofiness sure is soothing and uplifting even through the pictures.

Michele / akkasha said...

I recall all the troubles my mom had dealing with things when my dad passed away. They make it very hard to get anything done. I hope you don't have to deal with much more from them.

And great alpaca pics. It is wonderful that they are enjoying the snow.

With the snow blower, you might want to consider goggles or something. I am guessing it would be worse without the glasses.

critter Lover said...

Hey Maple,

I've got some ski goggles you could use for snow blowing OR a full face shield snow mobile helmet (giggle, giggle)...We have to work on directing the snow so the neighbors won't think the abominable snowman or a Yeti is in your yard....

The government can no longer claim they are the worst for red tape...Insurance companies beat them by billions of dollars...very unkind, since it is usually something that involves some worry or grief if you are having it out with the insurance companies!

Loved the ring-around-the rosy 'paca pictures in the snow! They are getting more fluffy as their winter fiber grows and they look REALLY cute!

Can't wait to see your new red van when you get it! Send the insurance company a rock-hard fruit cake on your old license plate when you finally do!



Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Hello:) I've tagged you with a meme. Come by my blog to see what it's about.