Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow Storm - December 1, 2008

We got about 6 inches of the really heavy, sticky snow that turned my morning trip to the barn into a true winter wonderland.

Beautiful! yes, but look what I needed to move before I could clean. I left a show shovel outside last night thinking that I would need it, but it's buried somewhere in that drift by the barn door. Thankfully, I had that other one inside. I moved Cord and Ivan out so that I could clean their stalls. That's Cord peeking over the fence.

The alpacas were just too funny when I let them out. The young ones had never seen snow like this and were jumping and running and body slamming each other. Each of them had to drop into the white stuff and take a roll. The 4 alpacas in the left picture are (left to right), Orion (Slammie), white Pollux (Luxie), naughty gray Gunny, and our handsome dark fawn, herd sire, Polaris (Lars). On the right are crias with little Junior in his purple coat. He's up to 20 pounds now, but not growing like he should. Vet Russ will be here tomorrow and I will have him examine and do a blood draw. Maybe we will get some answers.

As I was finishing up my chores about 10 o'clock, I heard a snow blower. Dean, my across the street neighbor, blew out my house driveway and this path from my house to the barn. Aren't I the luckiest woman in the world? Actually my son, Rob, was here for T'Day and showed me how to run the snow blower, but I'm really glad that Dean did it for me.
As Dean was finishing up, Ben, the young man who farms my property, arrived, got the tractor out, and cleaned out the barn driveway. I'm in great shape!
23. I realize that I can't do EVERYTHING by myself and am so grateful and thankful that I have folks to help me out.


Marianne said...

Wow! What great neighbors you have! The snow is so the alpaca like the snow too?

critter Lover said...

The weather is just BEAUTIFUL here in Mid-Michigan! Everything is snow-covered! I'm SO glad you had help moving snow today, Maple. It was the heavy, wet kind and wasn't easy to shovel! Would have loved to have seen the young alpacas out in their very first REAL snow! Looking out my window at my backyard winter wonderland, put me in the mood to get going on my Christmas cards today. Can't believe it is Dec. 1st already!! See you tomorrow!

Kimara said...

I have a friend down in Austin. I was just telling her today that there is no way in this entire world I'd like to change places with her. It is so beautiful here in midMich. This is what a white Christmas is all about! I too had to learn to accept help from other people. It's not easy for strong, independant women. But a friend of mine put it in perceptive for me. She said, "Ya know how good you feel when you help other people? Well, it's just down right selfish of you not to let other people feel as good!"

You're a good woman letting others feel good ;)

Enjoy the snow. Hopefully, it will be this white at Christmas Time.

BTW...I also told my friend in Austin that come February I'd start reassessing my love of Michigan winters and might be a tad bit jealous of her Austin temps!

Hope all goes well for little Junior!


Jeannie said...

Great pictures.....not sure about the snow tho...I'm more of a "Sun Bunny". Was just in Burlington, VT. last week to visit my husband's father (in the hospital after a stroke), was snowing and weather was cold!!! We're in Japan (hubby's employment), and will be moving back to TX this spring. We currently have 11 alpacas, spread out in TX, CO & WA. Looking forward to getting back and getting all our 4 legged friends in one place! Love your blog!! Jeannie Sylvester
(Sylvester Ranch Alpacas)

Kathy K said...

Hi Maple, I love the pictures.
The alpacas are snow bunnies, they jump and run about the snow. Isn't it great the way the beautiful white snow makes everything fresh and new...another great season in our beautiful state of Michigan.
with warm hugs
Kathy K

Marie said...

Great pictures! It almost makes me wish we would snow like that around here, but then I remembered that we don't have a snow blower. Funny that the alpacas loved the snow. My Jake was so funny the first time he saw ice. It was like watching Bambi trying to ice skate.

Michele / akkasha said...

I am so happy that you have such wonderful people helping you. It is great.

The snow looks beautiful. But it is definitely good that you didn't have to move it! I am betting that would be a challenge.

Hope the alpacas enjoy the snow.

Anonymous said...

So pretty Maple :)
We don't get snow here where we live in Australia. I'll keep your winter wonderland pics in mind while we are sweltering down here!
The Alpacas look happy and healthy as always. I was invited to sit and spin at an Alpaca shearing day recently - I came home with a Huacaya and a Suri I just need a chunk of time to play!
Take care of you xoxo

Zuleika said...

OMG you are so lucky! I've never seen snow like that. :-( One day I'm going somewhere where it darn well snows! I thought I'd get some here in Edinburgh, but nooooo.

You have some amazing neighbors. I'm so glad you get help, and have realised it doesn't have to be a one woman show. :-)

Have fun in the snow!

Vtknitboy said...

lol. they are so cute in the snow! you'll have to make something special for the young man. maybe socks?? i'd hep ya if you need it...

Rayna said...

OMG! That black frosted male paca you have is GORGEOUS!