Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Libra

I've had several folks ask how little Libra, Sonata's cria, is doing. Remember, he was born 28 days ago on September 19th, and hasn't been growing very rapidly because Sonata isn't producing much milk. His birth weight was 13.6 pounds and he dropped down to 13. Yesterday he weighed in at 16.9 pounds so I'm breathing much easier. I stopped trying to supplement him two days ago because it was a really, really big battle. We were both miserable.
A week ago I started adding Xango juice to Sonata's twice a day feeding. Xango is a mangosteen juice. Friends, I think that it's working and she is producing more milk. Yesterday I started adding Dr. Pollard's Lactation Stimulator which is a blend of herbs that will hopefully also increase her milk production. This isn't very scientific because I'm not sure what will be helping. I just want that little darling to start growing.
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Changes since August 21
7. I leave my bedroom radio on night and day. It's tuned to MSUs Public Radio Station so is mostly classical. Even though both dogs and Riley sleep in my room, it's comforting to wake up in the middle of the night to music.
8. I don't spend as much time browsing online and visiting others' blogs.
9. I miss my kids more than I used to.
10. A major irritation - some folks will ask me how I'm doing and I usually say OK or Good, but then they say "No, how are you REALLY?" Makes me want to scream. I don't lie! Should I be better at this grieving widow thing?


Vtknitboy said...

you're handling it in the way that YOU need to handle it. try not to be frustrated with people, they (we) just want to help, and it's hard to know how someone really is doing. it's tough!

and, i doubt there's a "right" way to handle it. we all are unique!

love ya!
vtknitboy chris

ps. it was my birthday today, friday!

Critter Lover said...

Hi Dear! I think you should write a book about How to do the Widow Thing! It could have chapters like #1: Each Day. "Each Day do exactly as you damn well please. Chap. # 2: Reopens in Spring: Wear a sign the says "Widow under construction--Next 9 months. Reviewing alternate routes!" Chap. #3 Says Me! "If you want to know how I'm doing....WAIT for me to tell you! Chap. #4 Laundry. Widowhood is like a washing machine--sometimes I'm in a cleansing cycle, sometimes I'm rinsing away spots in my life, and VERY OFTEN I'm SPINNING! For Best results: Let me handle this process at my own choice of settings! What do you think? It might become a CLASSIC! (smile)

Hugs & Smiles,

Marie said...

I'm glad to hear that Sonata and Libra are doing better. It must be such a relief for you.
I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and working to create your own daily routine.