Thursday, September 4, 2008

My bestest friends

My animal friends bring me unlimited joy. Throw on a granddaughter for absolute bliss. This is Elizabeth resting on dear, kind Cassie with little Max looking on. This Golden Retriever and Shetland Sheep Dog (Sheltie) are my best friends and constant companions.
They have been anxious and worried for the last six weeks but seem to be settling back to normalcy now. I am taking my cues from them.


island sweet said...

i've not checked in lately (summer...) but just caught up. and my heart goes out to you. you appear to be surrounded by love and support... that tells me more than all your words what a good person you are.

Vtknitboy said...

i can identify with you on the animal thing! our rescue kitty tigger hangs with me all the time. he thinks i'm his mommy. or i'm a cat. or he's a dog who thinks he's a person! i had a headache this morning and he crashed on my bed for hours. giving me sympathetic looks--or so i thought! love to you,as always!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

What a great picture of your granddaughter with your dogs!!

Marianne said...

I'm sending lots of love to you, Maple. XXOO

Marie said...

I must agree with you on your feelings for your pets. I can't imagine life without my Jake. He's such a wonderful companion.