Saturday, September 6, 2008

Simplifly, Simplify

Don't you think this is just too lovely? I'm going to use these colors the next time I get out my dye pots.
I'm on a really big "cleaning, purging, simplify my life" binge. My son said that he would take the aquarium back to Pennsylvania the next time he comes home. The neighbor across the street's daughter came and took the two fish that I had left. Last winter the tank heater got totally out of control and I poached all but those two. They must be hearty little guys and will be in a nice home.

This was my tank. It took several, as in probably 30 trips to the sink to empty the yucky water

And then I washed all the stones as I removed them. You're welcome, Rob.
The glass tank is sitting outside but I think that I better not let the sun dry it out or it may leak. You can imagine me getting it down the stairs and out the doors by myself. Cassie and Max tried to help....
My next project is to paint my bedroom. I already bought the paint.
I'll bet a therapist would have a field day with me. Do all widows feel this urge to clean up their past life? What's with it? I feel the urge to not only clean and pitch things, but also to do physical stuff. I wonder if there is some energy in me that needs to be released????


Linda D said...

Yes, Maple, I think the road you are on is very normal. After I lost my husband, I painted, wallpapered, put up ceiling fans...tore up carpeting, I wonder now where I found all the energy!

When I first saw the rocks in your photo, I thought they were dried beans. Made me want some bean soup.

Keep hanging on, you are in my thoughts every day.


Critter Lover said...

Nothing "fishy" about wanting to give things a fresh look, and a positive outlet for your energy. You have a good eye for color combinations, Maple, as proven by the hues you put together in your lovely yarn! In addition to liking to cut grass, I also like to paint, so if you want a partner, please let me know!

Infinite Hugs,


Jody said...

Hi Maple
My stepdad died last year and my mother has been changing the whole house!
Best wishes to you from Jody

Laughingrat said...

Hi Maple, glad to hear you are active and doing stuff. I think what you're doing sounds really healthy. Any therapist worth their salt would say that as long as you're self-aware and experiencing all the feelings as they come rather than pretending they're not there, you're several steps ahead of the game. You sound okay to me, for what it's worth. :)

Vtknitboy said...

what fun! doing what you're doing is healthy for the mind, body, and soul. it's an internal cleaning as well as outer and physical. kind of like feng shui, and getting the outside life organized, and this creates harmony within us too. i always feel calmer when i get to the cleaning and organizing and purging. but it certainly doesn't mean that one is getting rid of memories or things of the past-just putting them in order.
love to ya!

Constance said...

You say, "cleaning, purging, simplify my life" binge ...
It must be something in the water, because I'm in the same mood. Get rid of the junk! If I haven't used it in a year, it's gone, unless, of course, it's a photograph. How do we accummulate so much stuff??? And, why do we hang on to things for so long? I understand what you're doing though. It's very therapeutic...

Firefly Nights said...

Yes, what you are doing is normal. You are looking for things to keep you busy and you're making changes for what will be a new stage in your life. Far better to do this than to just sit and brood about everything. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.