Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is the bag that I'm going to use at the Michigan Fiber Fest next month to hold all my yarn and roving sales. I thought the long narrow feature would be great for skeined yarns. I ordered the bags from ULINE and the stickers from a shop on Etsy, my favorite shopping site. Amy made these 2 1/2 inch stickers for me very reasonably. Amy is a college student from Connecticut and runs the etsy store, KittyCrossBones. She sells lots of custom promotional items like bookmarks, scratch cards, checkbook covers, and, of course, stickers and labels. I highly recommend connecting with her if you have the need. She was fun and personable to work with and although, my picture isn't the greatest, she does lovely work, and needed little effort on my part. BTW, that's Celeste in the sticker. And did you know that you can click on pictures for enlargements?
The barn romances have ended now for a while. We took Alde home yesterday and will wait a couple more weeks for the vet to do an ultrasound on the two girls, Celeste and Ariana, to confirm their pregnancies.

Son, Rob, will be here from Pennsylvania until Monday. So enjoy having him home!

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Laughingrat said...

Good bag! Packaging/logos/letterhead are super helpful. Last night I actually splurged on some MOO minicards--I'm thinking the photos will make them interesting.

The fiber got here, by the way--so much of it, thank you! My roommate loved the flier you included, she was going on about how cute the alpaca's feet are. :-D