Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My latest dying adventure, and am I ever pleased. The fiber stayed just as soft and luxurious as alpaca is supposed to be. EeeHaw! I think I've got it.
I am going to send some of this white, Pollux roving off to Jennifer (Laughing Rat) tomorrow and she is going to experiment with dying also.
Exciting night. Son Rob will be pulling in about midnight to stay for a couple of days. We are so lucky that he wants to come home and hang out with us. Nothing much planned except a hog roast at the Fair on Saturday night. Husband was in charge and the proceeds will go back to the Fair.


Laughingrat said...

Pretty cool that your son is coming to visit! Also, your yarn looks great. :-D I suspect you've got the dyeing thing down now, but I'm always happy to play with new fiber. Will let you know what happens, and thanks for the sample!

Peggy said...

Gosh that is beautiful!!!! And it LOOKS soft. Have an awesome time with your son, what a blessing!!!!

HobbyZu said...

You definitely got the hang of it because that yarn is gorgeous!! Great work! :-)
Have fun during your sons visit. So nice he'll be staying over. :-)

Everglades Eyes said...

I love the colors ... whatever you're doing, keep it up! And, let me know when I can buy some!
Constance in sunny, south Florida