Monday, July 2, 2007

Just had to share with you this picture that Beth took this spring at the Davisburg show. Too cute, aye?
We are having a new roof put on the stable end of the barn this week. It has several leaks. But we are not touching the roof over the indoor arena because it's huge and would cost a fortune. Right now all of the roof is black shingles but we requested a dark gray metal on the end. Hope that it looks all right.
We are looking for straw to use as a bedding for the sheep. We have never used straw before and it sounds really messy to me. There I go again fretting about a dirty barn. The alpacas live on rubber matting and have a small area to poop in to which I add a pelleted product designed for horse stalls that absorbs moisture and odor. We put wood shavings in the horses' stalls that comes from a local lumber yard. Every morning, everything gets picked up, inside and out, and goes into the manure spreader which is spread every couple days. With our good manure management, we have very few flies ----- OK, there I go again. Probably too much information.
Thursday we're driving to Ohio to pick up four of the little darling sheep (hope that I am still saying this a year from now). We are getting 2 black yearling ewes, 1 black lamb ewe, and a black whether who will run with our soon to be coming white yearling ram. (Heh, heh, did I get that terminology right, Cary?) Daughter Terre will be coming out to check barn water and to let the dogs out because it looks like an all day trip. We are taking the pickup (it has a topper) and will put them in the back. Amy Bidlack told me that some people actually fly them in dog crates in airplanes.


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

He is beautiful! Wish great success! Corline

Peggy said...

Truly, I am so envious!!!! I guess for now I will have to be happy herding my two french angoras with my little yorkie. :)

Collette said...

As always Maple, I am totally impressed. I can't imagine doing all that work every day. Your alpacas look really gorgeous!


Cary said...

Absolutely correct, Maple (grin) I can't wait to see your new sheepies!!! Have a safe trip....

Hugs, Cary