Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I just listed this skein in my Etsy shop - 2 ounces - 184 yards - 13 w.p.i. , which would make it a DK weight. The yarn has a titch of white silk in it which produces the random bumps and streaks. The alpaca is from our handsome Junior Herd Sire, Polaris. Jr. Herd Sire is a term that can be applied to any whole (as in not neutered) male alpaca that hasn't started breeding yet. Polaris (Lars) is a proud little guy who is easy to handle. Friend Beth halters him and takes him jogging down the road and back to the woods. He has an alpaca show to go to in September and after that, we hope he can start a breeding career.
His fiber is very lovely and about 5 inches long, which I think is about perfect for easy spinning. I stole Cary's idea of photographing the yarn on a plant.


Tracy said...

Oooooo. Nice color. It looks so soft.

Peggy said...

gorgeous yarn and adorable Lars. Good idea about the picture on a plant as well. Makes for a stunning background and a nice contrast.

Anonymous said...

You should come see me at Curves!!!! I miss you! Oh yeah your alpacas are so cute, you will have to bring pictures in of your new little sheep! Hope you have a great holiday!

P.S. Come see me!