Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Cassie

Mac, Mary, Kathy, Berta, I'm fine. Have been crazy busy and know that I haven't blogged for two weeks. I do have lots of pictures from the two weeks and will try to get some up later.
Today Beth and I are taking a Birthday Road Trip to the Pontiac area to visit her new, won't be home for a few weeks, Golden Retriever puppy.
Oh, and go here to see what really cheered me up yesterday - well, actually it made me cry, but they were good tears.
The comments are what did me in.


Carly said...

Maple - I just went back and read all those comments - including yours. I'm glad we can be your secret support group. Although my situation is not the same, they too are my driving force to get through the day sometimes. It is amazing to me that there are actually still nice people in this world.



critter Lover said...

WOW Maple, I never realized the scope of your fiber "business"! There were SO MANY comments and so many people who like a large variety of your fiber and products! That IS a LOT of wonderful energy going back and forth and you deserve all the warm and positive heartfelt thoughts that come to you! I'm sorry this is a tear-y time for you. What can I do?

Vtknitboy said...

maple's a doll! luv her and have bought LOTS of fiber from her (and she has thrown in lots of freebies and "you must try this"! stuff).

check out my etsy site!

hope to hear from you!!