Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celeste is Pregnant

EEEHAW! Yesterday Russ Vet was here to ultrasound 3 of the girls who we hoped were pregnant. Celeste ↑ is at 35 days!
And this is the handsome stud,
Polaris. We are especially pleased
because both of these alpacas were
born here....and Polaris's first
confirmed pregnancy. What a stud!!

Now the long, long 11 month wait and hope that the pregnancy holds.

The other two girls didn't look pregnant with the ultrasound so Russ drew blood and will do a Progesterone check.


SapphireChild said...

Ah! But its only 10 months since she's already at 35 days! That makes it sound a little better. :)

RC said...

wow, that long?
congratulations, I'm really looking foward to cria pics

Marie said...

Oh, that's wonderful news. It means pics of little ones are on the way soon.

Zu said...

Congrats!! Can't wait to see what the lil' one will look like. :-)

Michele / akkasha said...


And if the baby's fiber is as nice as Polaris's, I am even more excited. *grin*

At 11 months I feel better about my pregnancy! *chuckle*