Monday, June 1, 2009

Alpaca - Merino Top from the Mill

Yesterday I ran over to Frankenmuth, MI, to Zeilingers to pick up some fiber that I left in March. I love going over there because they are always so helpful and treat me so well....They make me feel special even though I'm only bringing them a hundred or so pounds of fiber each year - compare that to the thousands of pounds of buffalo that they do.
Anyway, I'm so pleased!!!! I will just tell you about the white. The alpaca comes from Target who lives in St. Louis, MI, with Chris and Jenn at Diversified Alpacas. He's a very handsome herd sire with lovely fleece who we are hoping to breed to my Ariana.

I had left Zeilingers a little over 10 pounds of 75% Target and 25% white merino from Genopalette's lambs. Gary suggested that I have it made into topp instead of roving like I have always done in the past. This picture → is the pound of noils left over that might be considered trash. I can imagine it in an awesome bed for Max or Cassie.

Speaking of Max, here he is posing for you so that you can see what 8 pounds of top looks like. I had a treat in my hand to get him to stay.

I love the way the fiber is coiled around. Looking down into the bag → is like looking into a tornado. I'm really anxious to spin some of this because it's so soft and smooth. When I pull it apart it is about 4 inches long which makes me think it's going to practically spin itself.

I took the picture above to list this in my Etsy store. The picture on the right shows how I use my weaving warping frame to wrap the top and then band it with information like - weight, my stuff, and a picture of the alpaca who donated the fiber.
Note on the warping frame, I've used it only once to measure yarn for weaving. What a waste, but it works to put up roving and top.

NutriSystem update: I thought that I had all my food but the Schwann's truck dropped off a bunch of frozen stuff today. I had a veggie pizza and an ice cream bar for lunch. They were yummy.
I started the program last Monday and have lost 3 pounds. This is amazing because I'm eating constantly.
I was just looking up how to spell top or topp, and came across the neatest little FAQ - How to tell if the fiber is roving or top? Pull the fiber apart. Top pulls apart in a straight line; roving leaves a rough, triangular-shaped edge.


Robin said...

Good luck with your Nutrisystem - sounds like you are on the right track. I've been prcticing my spinning with your gifts - I'm still not very consistant but hope to improve.

HanamiGallery said...

the fiber looks great!! im drooling!! looks great for dyeing too!!!! hahaha.

wow 3 lbs already!?!?! wow im surprised!!!! good luck and keep up the hard work!!!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Oh my!! what beautiful fibre!! Even with all the fibre I have around me I am so tempted.Wow you lost three pounds already, wonder if they have a plan for people that are gluten, milk, nut etc etc intolerant.

skiingweaver said...

I don't even have a spinning wheel (yet!) (lol!) and I want that fiber! How fantastic. (And great work with NutriSystem!!)

Mare said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! Good for you! I'm trying to loose a bit, slow but sure...Your fiber looks like a big puff of cloud! Just beautiful!!!

RC said...

you are bad for my paypal account ;) just got 4 oz because I NEEDEDd it lol
great work on the nurtisystem!

ooglebloops said...

The fiber looks wonderful and Max is adorable!!!

Marie said...

Oh my gosh, I don't think I've ever seen so much combed fiber. It looks heavenly.
Max is too cute!
But where is Cassy?

Kathleen said...

The fiber looks sooo cozy.!! Good luck for Nutrisystem weight loss plan.