Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shear Day Visitors & JR Update

I tried to add this picture ↑ yesterday but it totally disappeared. I frequently have picture troubles here on blogger. Anyway, these are some of our shear day visitors who happen to be from the Lansing area. Heather, who isn't in the picture, has become an online friend. Visit her Etsy shop here → WineMakersSister Yep, the family does produce wine, and it's delicious. Heather brought me a couple bottles on her last visit. Don't you wish that you had that kind of friends?
......and here's JR before his first shear. He hardly stressed at all although his leading isn't the greatest. Had to pretty much drag him to the shearing aisle. His shear weight was 2 pounds, 12 ounces of incredibly fine, gorgeous fiber. Good job, JR.
I think the daily feedings are pretty much over. I have to catch him now and plunge a little in his mouth. He used to come running up to slurp down 3 tubes of his special gruel. I'm happy that he must be doing well and I don't have the chore anymore (after 8 months), but a little piece of me is saddened that he no longer has to depend on me. Sort of like sending the kid off to kindergarten.


Debbie said...

JR is looking great, I know how you feel as I've now weaned Gaussian and it's a real bitter sweet feeling.
Gaussian is still not eating hard feed and I've decided not to force it on him this week to see if he will finally help himself. He hasn't so far; it's weigh day for him tomorrow so I'll see how he is doing. Since weaning almost three weeks ago he has put on 2.2lbs.

critter Lover said...

Go JR! He is looking better and better everyday and more like an alpaca "toddler". I hope you saved some of his fiber for his scrap book Maple...I too feel like it is a developmental milestone for him AND US!! He is just TOOOOOOOOOOO stinkin cute! Who produced the MOST fiber?

Anonymous said...

Will you be selling jr.'s fiber as yarn in your etsy shop? I would be first in line for that! :-)

HanamiGallery said...

hes so cute! i bet he had really nice baby fleece! haha i can just see him getting dragged to the shear site. hahahahah.