Saturday, May 23, 2009

JR in with the Big Boys

It's time that JR leave his mommy and go live with the boys. He's 8 months old and weighs 60 pounds now. He seems very healthy. I put him in with Tribute ↑ and Snickers →. Trib is a herd sire, but slight in frame and Snickers is just 3 days older than JR. They seem to be getting along fairly well. Last night Trib was chasing the little guy more than I like so Trib got separated for the night. When I went to the barn this a.m., JR was snuckled right up beside Snickers ☺ JR does spend quite a bit of his time looking for mom Sonata, but he's not pacing the fence or crying, and he seems to be eating well.

....and here's a picture of sweet Cassie protecting her duck.


RC said...

sweet sweet Cassie! give her ear scritches from us

Mulchandmore said...

It's hard to let them grow up but Jr is a big little boy now:)
And Cassie is a dear, I miss having a dog, but the cats are easier.

ooglebloops said...

Weaning must be hard - but the 'big boys' are sooo cute together!!!

Debbie said...

JR is looking fantastic - he's overtake my little Gaussian by miles now!!