Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Summer

My latest accomplishment! I am on 5 acres of land and, granted, a lot of it is already pasture, but a lot (way too much) is lawn, so I've vowed to cut down on what I have to mow this summer. If you recall, last fall I taught myself to drive the riding mower (with instruction manual in hand), but I was always terrified of mowing around the lagoon ↑. I found some plastic posts that I could just step into the ground and added 2 strands of white webbing and 3 strands of red and gray cable which you can hardly see in the picture. It's being mowed as we speak by the boy alpacas.
My other accomplishment, which probably doesn't seem like much to you, is that I put the screen door on the tack room. I am woman, hear me roar.
I am ecking away on the winter's worth of manure left for me outside by horses and alpacas. I need to get it out of here before the flys arrive. I really, really dislike flys around my 4 legged friends.


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

You go girl!! You are doing such a great job....why mow when your four legged friends can help out. The flys are the things I hate about summer, birds moved into the eves of the barn last year to nest and I could not believe how many flys they got rid of.

Linda B said...

Hey Sista! Way to go! I know that mowing thing. I don't understand why people have beautiful big lawns when they could fill them with alpacas!

AND, installing a screen door? I'm impressed. But doesn't it seem that you can accomplish alot more when you only have yourself to depend on?

Mare said...

WOW! I think your accomplishments are HUGE! I am off to buy smoke detectors and door knobs and a drill for personal use. ROAR!

Totally Timmy said...

Great Work!
Aren't those step on posts the greatest! I've used them with the goats. I have a ton of manure to move myself!
Happy Easter!