Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alpaca Poodle

Last week Pamela Hughes from Raleigh, North Carolina bought some white alpaca roving (Andy ► & Polaris) to use for needle felting. This morning she sent me this picture ▲of the poodle that she created. Isn't it amazing? She says that she is just getting in to needle felting but she certainly looks like a pro to me.
When someone makes a purchase, I like to visit their shop. Hers, The Cosmic Pepperini (← just click here to visit her shop) had delightful soaps for feet with loofah imbedded in them. I couldn't resist and bought two bars. I thought it was neat that I was her first customer.

Well, look what came in the mail....all for happy feet. Can you see what all is here? Starting on the left is a foot shaped brush, behind that is a pumice stone on a rope, at the center top is one of the soaps that I bought, a peace sign with a loofah, then top right is the other foot shaped soap with loofah that I bought. You can see the darling rubber duckies in front and a container with "Pure Almond Butter Foot Softener" in the center. WOW! Thanks so much, Pam.
The other day when Ben hauled my manure, he also destoned my yard. This is his cute little tractor with the brush on the front. The balls in my driveway are walnut shells from my messy black walnut tree.


HanamiGallery said...

wow that poodle is sooo cute~ and it really looks good! i would never think it was by someone just starting out! thanx for sharing her shop~!

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

That poodle looks like a blast!!! :) She sure looks like a pro to me too;)

Pam Hughes said...

Hi Maple! Pam here! Thanks so much for sharing my poodle pic and such kind words!! You have really encouraged me! I could NOT have done it without that wonderful alpaca roving from you! It makes my little poodle look like a fluffy cloud! I started my second true project last night- a little orange cat. It is my friend's cat that passed away recently so it will be a gift and not posted on Etsy. But I'll send a picture.

I love your blog!! Your furbabies are adorable!!!! Dogs and alpacas both!

I am glad you liked your order!! I threw in a few more extra things than usual, you being my first ETSY customer and all, but at the Cosmic Pepperini all orders come with a little something extra- kinda like Cracker Jacks (because I think surprises are fun)!

With warmest regards!
(from The Cosmic Pepperini)

Jody said...

What an amazing little poodle. When I first saw it I thought it was the real thing!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Maple it was too funny when I saw the title alpaca poodle.....I thought you had given JR a poodle cut. That is the cutest needle felted poodle!! Also love your hats! I just noticed your little guard llama on your page....that is so cute, will have to go get one of my own (as if I do not have enough llamas...right??)