Friday, March 13, 2009

Wave Scarf and Handspun Yarn

My Monday night Knitting/Spinning group is making a version of this scarf this month. I didn't want to use any of my "good" yarn so used some of KnitPick's Elegance which is an alpaca/silk blend. It was great fun to knit. I thought about making it when the pattern was featured in the SpinOff magazine. Here's where you can get your free pattern: I listed it in my shop here.
I added a few very hard to see beads on each end.

If the above yarn doesn't sell right away, I will probably use it to make another Wave Scarf. On my carder, I blended white alpaca with light fawn alpaca and added some green icicle that I got from the Etsy shop Yarn2Spin
This is a 4.8 oz./135 gram skein of 236 feet.
This is white Lady Belita (bad hairdo) and her light fawn cria, Celeste, whose fiber I used to spin the yarn.


Linda D said...

Oh my gosh Maple, Belita looks hilarious! She will never forgive you for that photo.

Totally Timmy said...

Very Pretty. Poor Belita she has hair like my Timmy. Got my fiber today and love it. Thanks for the extra treats!

Zu said...

That is a beautiful scarf, I love the stitch!
Belita looks too cute! That's gotta be the funniest hairdo I've seen on an alpaca. :-)

frolicnfibers said...

Love the scarf pattern...I downloaded it! Great hairdo on Belita! Our llamas end up a bit funny looking sometimes also :)

woolies said...

Belita looks like a rock star!
Went to my friend's fiber ranch today for sheep shearing, and to see all the babies. omg. I want them all. :0)

Claire said...

I have that issue of Spin Off too! I would like to make that scarf one day, but my knitting skills aren't that good yet. Such beautiful yarn too, wow!

Mom L said...

Hi - I'm following Claire! I am getting the best education from the blogger world. Although I'm an urban apt. dweller and my only "livestock" is my cat, Emma, I love animals and have volunteered in a zoo in the past. I am also a former teacher. However, I must confess that I had to google the word "cria" - from the context on your blog I assumed it was a baby alpaca, but had to look it up. I also just finished reading the differences between llamas and alpacas.

I admire all of you who grow/spin your own yarn.

Your alpacas are beautiful, as is Cassie.

See you again soon,

Nancy in Atlanta

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Your scarf turned out great, Maple! Did you end up finding the pattern a bit addictive? LOL...I certainly have ;D Hugs,