Monday, March 23, 2009

School Day for JR

Yesterday was pretty cold but Amelia and mom, Gwen, came out to work with the alpacas. Amelia is going to take white Snickers (Astra) to the 4-H Fair this summer. That's Amelia ↑ and Beth giving JR a leading lesson. Now that he's over 40 pounds, he's pretty heavy for me to carry to the scales. Beth is leading Sonata, our barn Diva & JR's mom, and Amelia is handling JR. JR has had a halter on 4 times now and is doing very well.
Yesterday two geese came in to the pond to spend the night. Actually, it's not a pond. It's a lagoon system. When we put the house in, the clay soil that we have wouldn't perk, so this was our solution. It sounds yucky that it is part of our sewer system and I had visions of turds floating around, but the health department checks it regularly and it's as safe as a swimming lake. Definitely no turds!

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Totally Timmy said...

JR is looking good. He is such a cutie!