Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Storm - Much Ado about Nothing

We were supposed to have 5 to 7 inches of snow today. The 7 a.m. picture above shows a nice quiet morning before I went to do chores. It was nice enough that I was able to shoo the horses out with a little hay while I mucked their stalls. I checked the weather map when I came in at 9. The storm is about an hour away in this map. I am in Ithaca - the very middle of the mitt.

Here we are at 3 in the afternoon. Not nearly as nasty as predicted, but I'm glad the 'pacas and horses are snug in the barn.

This is what the weather map looked like at 3. Way worse on paper than out the window. The storm was coming from the south and swirling around so that the wind was from the north east.

And here is the barn at 5, just before I went out to do evening chores. We got only about 3 inches but I will have to shovel out those doors in the morning to get the horses into their paddocks.

....and here she is.....dear, sweet Cassie, who is actually a ham about having her picture taken.


Meg said...

I got caught in a massive snow storm the Sierras got last Monday & had to turn around. Even the 4x4s built for the snow weren't able to make it up to the town I was heading for, with chains!
We're going to attempt to go back up tomorrow, a week later than planned, but no storm to battle!
I'm glad to see you made it through!

--Karen H said...

Whew! I hope you don't get a huge dump of snow.

By the way I'm trying out your crockpot dyeing method for the first time--my first REAL dyeing attempt. My other attempt was with Koolaid, which I wasn't all that thrilled with.

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

I think that storm is heading this way. I'm glad it won't be that bad;)

DD#2 said...

Mornin, Mom. I rushed home soon after talking to you yesterday to try to avoid the storm. I am glad I did -- visibility was next to nothing. Even though we didn't get that much snow, what was there sure blew around a lot! Thanks for the advice:)

Going to look for cruise clothes today:)

Mare said...

We just got a bit of that storm today too! Thank Goodness!

vtknitboy said...

we just got 11" plus last night thru today! more coming.....