Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Scary Happening

That's Sonata ↑ who is JR's mom.

Damn! It almost happened again. Same scenario - 45 degrees, rainy, I'm digging little trenches to drain the water away from the barn, and rumble, rumble, down comes the snow off the roof. There wasn't nearly the snow pile this time, but it's really strange that this could happen twice while I'm out there. What are the odds?????

Family news!!!! I just got off the phone with son Rob who teaches at Scranton U in Pennsylvania. He just got tenure! Congratulations, Dr. Smith.


Meg W. said...

Oh my goodness!! Be careful!!

Something similar almost happened to me on monday, but it was my own doing.

Zu said...

That's scary! Thank God it missed you once again. :-)

Congrats to your son! :-)

Lucy said...

Oh my goodness, glad you are ok. I was worried about just that same thing when we had a load of snow. In fact lots of branches came down just beside where our alpacas were sheltering. Thankfully they were ok.

Barb said...

AlpacaGranny! Love it! Glad Terre shared my blog with you and that now I get to see yours. What a great blog and I will certainly be ordering something from that cool esty site too. Hope to see you soon as well!