Thursday, January 22, 2009

New? Sweatshirt

For Christmas daughter Terre gave me a gift card to Macys. Knowing full well that I won't be going to the city for a long time, I found this hooded sweatshirt on line and ordered it. Can't have too many hooded sweatshirts for the barn, you know. I thought the kids would be proud of me because it's a Ralph Lauren and not another shirt from Tractor Supply. Polo is a big deal name brand, I think. I really love it!

This morning I pulled it on over my turtleneck to head out for chores. I liked that the cuffs were long and turned them up. Well, damn, the cuffs are all worn with holes. Thinking I could pull the mailing envelope out of the trash and send it back, I noticed that the holes are all in threes and evenly spaced around the cuff. Oh, my gosh, this must be the worn look...... Duh! Yep, I'm definitely an old timer .


Marg said...

LOL! Buying new "old worn out clothes"! Gotta keep up with the times, eh, Maple? Go figure... ;)

See if you can guess the number of skeins on the tabletop at Babylonglegs blog.
If you guess right, you may win some yarn. Fun stuff! ;)

DD#2 said...

Nice, Mom! Too bad we didn't get to Macys together with Nik. It looks really good. Love you.

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Oh my! Funny what's 'hip', right? I have a pair of jeans shedded to.....well....heck. My husband tells me they're junk...I say they're 'rad'. ;)

critter lover said...

Morning Maple,

Today's "fashion" is a real headshaker. I've paid $40 to $50 dollars for my son's jeans that come WITH holes in the knees and jeans for my daughter that look like some of my cleaning clothes with bleach splatters on them. What designer sat there and came up with "worn cuffs", believing they would sell???? It is actually called the "Distressed Look!" It could be worse however...BIG bell bottoms, tube tops and MAJOR platforms could come back....and THAT to me would be DISTRESSING!!! (Smile)

Clothes Baskets of Hugs,