Sunday, January 25, 2009


Jen from Pennsylvania ordered this hat to be sent to a different address than her own. Come to find out it was to go to her sister-in-law's hospital room.
Her sister-in-law, Maria, is receiving chemo and will no doubt be losing her hair, and Jen wanted her to have something besides the tradition chemo scarf.
Jen says, "She's the best"

I hate cancer! It's a horrid, sneaky disease. Smitty was setting fence posts 2 months before he died.

I hope that you all will send good energy, or prayers, or whatever you believe in out to Maria and all the others who have had their world shaken by this horrible illness.


Margaret said...

Loving, healing energy for Maria. And I hope her new hat will give her warmth and comfort, and bring a smile to her face. :)

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love the hat, I am sure Maria will enjoy it, I know cancer has to be such a terrible illness, we lost a good friend just before Christmas to cancer and it is also terrible for the people they leave behind. Sending healing energy to Maria.

jen said...

Maria just called me. She loves the hat! Thank you! And we'll keep praying... her leukemia team says she's the most boring patient on the floor. Boring is good!
Thank you! She sounded so delighted and touched.

jen said...

and she thinks Polaris is adorable. She'll show her kids his photo tonight via webcam when she reads to them. thank you!

woolies said...

Sending prayers from the desert to Maria.

We lost my husband's mother this week to cancer. Both my parents died from cancer (my mom at 56). I hate this disease!