Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Gift of Love and Memories

My down the road friend, Cary, gave me these beautiful handspun, handknit socks last night. Cary, I'm sorry, but I will probably never wear them. They are just too precious and full of memories and love to put on my feet. They hang here in my office.
The white stripes and knit "NorthStar" are from Pollux, my fiber boy. Cary said she added my alpaca around my ankle because it is so soft.
Cary handspun and 3 plied the gray from my roving of alpaca and SouthDown Sheep that I had Zeilingers blend last summer. These sheep were Smitty's joy in the barn. Cary doesn't realize it, but they were sold and left the farm about 3 hours before he died.
These socks are probably my most precious symbol of love from my friends and my years with Smitty that I have and I want to keep them forever. So, nope, I'm not going to wear them, not even as bed socks.
Thank you, Cary


Jody said...

They are beautiful socks. What a lovely gift.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Oh Maple, now I am all choked up!

It was my hope while spinning that yarn that it would be special to you, even if the socks didn't fit (LOL!) It was very emotional for me to spin the fiber, too, remembering and thinking of and being thankful for good friends. You have done so much for me over the years, you may never know. I was also thankful for the day that you, Howes, Bill and I had together in the barn with the sheep and the alpacas all around (and of course, Ivan! Can't forget Ivan!)

Biggest hugs, dear Friend! And hey, now that I know they will fit, I will just have to make you another pair that you can wear ;D

Kimara@weefolkart said...

How lovely...both the socks and your friend. I understand why you keep them by your side instead of on your feet!

critter Lover said...

Cary did an AWESOME job on the socks!!! SOOOOO much symbolism and meaning from the design to the fiber!! Don't think I could bear to wear them either....and I'll bet they smile when you look at them on the wall in your office!! Priceless!! It is our friends in life that help us fill those little moments that get us by and often mean so much!!