Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So many blogs that I am reading talked about Christmas, so here I am doing the same. Little Max up above enjoyed our celebration day the Monday after Christmas. The grandgirls and my 3 adult kids were here. We missed Bob, my son-in-law, who had to work.
On Christmas Eve daughter Terre came and spent the night. We were going to Owosso to watch the grandgirls open their gifts on "the day" but stayed home because of some nasty, icy roads. T went home and I spent the day watching movies and eating junk food. Suprisingly enough, it wasn't horribly depressing, nor lonely.

Rob came home from Scranton, PA, the day after Christmas and stayed for a week. Lucky, lucky me. I love having my son around!!!! He did work his little hiney off though. This is a picture that Meg took of Rob plowing for me. He also repaired doors in the barn, moved many bales of hay, removed shelves in the basement, patched the holes, shoveled mountains of snow, hauled the snow blower to the repair shop, helped with chores every morning and night, even replaced my toilet seat (which I admit was getting dangerous)

On New Years Day we went to daughter Nikki, son in law Bob, and granddaughters, Elizabeth and Meredith's home in Owosso. Had a most lovely meal and got to play Christmas games. This pict is of Rob and Meredith taken by Meg. Again, I'll remind you to just click on the pictures for enlargements.
Many folks mentioned that the holidays would be really hard without Smitty. Probably because of all the forewarning, the days weren't so bad after all. I stayed pretty busy which is my way, I guess, of dealing with "stuff". We all missed him, of course, and I had many moments of that little lurch in my gut thinking of him and what he was missing.


skiingweaver said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day, despite missing Smitty, Maple. I'm so glad! And lovely that your family was around - you always sound so proud of Mr. Rob, wonderful that he made it home for a whole week!

vtknitboy said...

i'm glad you had a mostly good time and got to visit with all your kids! so good that rob helped so much....maybe he needs handknit alpaca socks??

Michele / akkasha said...

It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. And so terrific that it got extended beyond just one day. That is great.

Marie said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas.
Happy New Year to you!