Sunday, December 14, 2008

Granddaughter Weekend

This is Elizabeth (age 6) watching television on my oh, so tolerant Cassie girl. I am very fortunate because since the girls were born, their parents have allowed them to come spend time here. I love having them and I think that they like to be here.
This weekend our big project was decorating Christmas cookies. Actually, Meredith (age 9) ended up by doing most of the decorating. I got called away and Elizabeth got "the b.... word." They aren't allowed to say they are bored here. I tell them that only boring people get bored.
After cookie decorating, we met Terre at the matinee in Alma to see Bolt. It was a fun time because we had to wear the 3-D glasses. I can't believe that I'm so sappy that I cry in a dog cartoon. Geese.

♪ ♫ TaDah ♫ ♪ I will send lots home with the girls and freeze the rest or I will be snacking big time. Need to save some until Rob comes home. He does like decorated cookies.


Anonymous said...

Super pixs Maple. Kids are really growing up.


Kimara said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend, Maple. My three grandchildren live just 2 miles away from me so I see them almost every day but it doesn't spoil any of the special moments we have together. We have been busy baking Christmas cookies, too. I love having children in the kitchen. (If you get a chance you might enjoy a blog entry I had titled "Kids in the Kitchen" The story about my grandchildren is one of my most repeated stories!)

Stay warm...and for the next few days dry! Best wishes!


critter lover said...

GREAT JOB on the cookies, ladies!! I'm also glad you all liked BOLT too! Hope "Junior" didn't get blown away with the high winds last night! Everything still intact? Take care!


Zuleika said...

What gorgeous cookies! You all did a great job on them. :-)
Makes me want to bake some now! ;-)