Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Storm Blowing In

Another storm is blowing in today but I didn't have to shovel to get in to the animals in the barn. They are all cozy with food, water, clean bedding, and listening to Christmas carols. A lovely surprise while out there - about 8 o'clock Dean, my across the street neighbor, popped in to offer any help. He shoveled a path to the outdoor poop pile and dumped my wheel barrows for me.
The picture above is Max, my Sheltie, and Cassie, my Golden Retriever. They are just on their way back inside this morning. Max is a little short so I have had to keep a path shoveled off the deck for him.


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

It looks like Max and Cassie are just not sure about all that snow!

Kimara said...

We've been shoveling out of the same storm! Our border collie loves to frolic in all the whiteness but our 2 Yorkies are quite content to watch out the window.

Wishing you a blessed and lovely Christmas!


Kim said...

Oh, Maple! All of that snow...

I am just now catching up on my blog reading after my move.

What a wonderful gift for him to shovel for you. Hope the winter snow is over there, but we both know that Mother Nature is sure to have a lot more to come.

Peace and prayers.

woolies said...

Hi Maple, wow, look at all that snow. I miss snow; yes, I know, call me crazy.
Although it does get cold here in Tucson, and it's been snowing in the mountains - above 6000 feet. tomorrow night it's supposed to snow at 4000 feet - we're at 2700, so won't get it most likely, but it is going down below freezing.
Merry Christmas, was thinking about you and hoping you are well.

vtknitboy said...

we had 26" of new snow 2 days before we left for florida, and most of it melted when we were gone! now we just have about 8 inches...