Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sick Alpaca Getting Better

Aw, there he is, friends, our Lars is grazing again. You can probably click on the picture to get a better look. This is my view from the kitchen and deck. It warms the cockles of my heart.....

Behind him is a pasture for the fiber boys and way out there are the girls and their cria. Behind them is our corn field which is supposed to have a great yield this year - that means $s to me.

The farmer (Dave Eckelbarger) who plants our fields has been a great care taker of our land, and he's very careful what he puts near the critters. He has always been right there to help if we have tractor or manure spreader repairs. I feel very confident that he will continue to take care of me. Well, actually he made a special trip over to tell me just that.

Life is good!


skiingweaver said...

Hooray! What lovely news!

Critter Lover said...

Keep on chowin' Lars....he has 20% of his body weight to gain back! Let's hope he is on the way and the antibiotics are effective! It is a lovely view Maple! One can see how closely you watch over your animals! Glad the corn crop will be a high yield, but will be glad when it is harvested and Cord (my corn-allergic horse) can breath normally again--without his meds! Nice also to have good friends around who are so willing to help with the mechanical needs of a farm!
P.S. Please text if any alpaca labor is suspected. Thanks!

John boy said...


I'm so glad Larsy-boy is eating! Hope Chinny is doing good!

John Boy

Lisa said...

I'm glad he's getting better! It's wonderful that you have such a great neighbor who's there for you when you need a little extra help! Hang in there!

Pamala Rose said...


Zuleika said...

That's a beautiful view! I'm so glad he's getting better. :-) Great news!

Marie said...

I'm glad to hear that Lars is getting better.

And I was so pleased to read that you are feeling stronger.