Saturday, September 27, 2008

Contest Reminder & Another Vet Visit

This is a reminder of the Name Goldie's Cria Contest that will end October 1st, which is next Wednesday. The names that have been submitted are listed on the right - remember, it must be something star/sky related. Winner can pick $25 worth of stuff from my Etsy store.
Scroll down to last week for details.....

This morning was horribly busy. Sonata, brown momma shown below, was lethargic and didn't want to get up. Her cria, Libra, was born a week ago Friday and weighed 13.6 pounds. Here it is a week later and he weighs only 13.3 pounds. Something was drastically wrong, so I called dear Doc Russ, our vet. He was here in half an hour. Momma Sonata has no visible signs of illness but is producing minimal milk for the little guy. We gave her a big dose of Penicillin thinking she might have an infection, although her temperature is nice and low. I ran to town and picked up some whole Vitamin D milk and added a dallop of vanilla yogurt. Got about an ounce into little Libra. I will continue the Pennicillin injections with Sonata and trying to get some milk into Libra. Send some good energy out to these two......

Libra and Sonata at hay rack. Following is what my friend Maryanne sent to me and the reason we named the little guy Libra.

because the two boys were born during the Libra part of the zodiac cycle and
Libra men - are almost too popular with women; they have a rare ability to relate to women on a feminine level;they have great personal charm and elegance; it's hard to pick a fight with a Libra - they love stability and balance, and will go out of their way to steer clear of upsetting influences. A libra male is the diplomat of the zodiac - the one who will strike a balance between what you want and what he wants - AND Lovemaking is the Libra man's favorite activity! so a Future stud for your farm!! Love with a Libra male is supposed to be an erotic experience! so watch out girls!!

Thanks, Maryanne...... I'm going to be looking for a Libra, I'm thinking ☺


Critter Lover said...

If there is a critter that needs special care, the best place to be is at Maple's! Thanks to Dr. Russ and ANTIBIOTICS once again, I think Sonata will be on the mend soon and with some bottle supplementation, Libra will probably gain his weight soon enough! Tune is next week to see what happens next on North Star Stable Adventures....will Libra be fitted with a little "cup" to protect his astrological, studly manhood, or will Sonata just "give up" the breast feeding now with the bottle close by and in fear of unwanted "Saggy Breast Syndrome"? Remember, she is the barn "Diva"!

Alpaca Granny said...

Oh, Beth, you're too funny ☺

Jody said...

I'm into Astrology also and I read the Libra male can be quite self-centered. Having had a Libran boyfriend in the past and having a Libran stepbrother and a Libran father....well I totally agree with that statement.
Please add my name of Saturn to your list :D

Michele / akkasha said...

I really hope Sonata & her little one feel better soon. (And not just because of Sonata's lovely fiber...*grin*)

Can't wait to hear what the boys names will be. There are some lovely names to chose from!