Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alpaca Alert

I have had folks tell me that when danger is present, alpacas will surround the younger ones to protect them and that is what is happening in this picture. The neighbor's dog was in the field about 1/8 mile away and one of the girls sounded the alarm. It's sort of a high pitched - eeeek, eeek. They surrounded little Spot and Chinella, can you see them? They stayed like this for about 5 minutes until the dog was out of sight. Some of the fiber boys are on the left of the fence and the girls are on the right.

Spot update - he's still not nursing from Ariana but drinks 9 ounces of cow's milk with a little Activia 5 times a day. Feeding times are 8, 11, 2, 5, and 9. Stop by and hold the bottle...... He's pretty cute 'cause when I go out and call "Spot", he comes just a running. It's hard not to cuddle and fiddle with him but the experts say not to, he needs to be an alpaca and respect 2 leggeds.


Marianne said...

Give Spot a kiss and a hug for me. I would love to be there to help you out.

Melissa said...

I can see Spot and Chinella. They look so cute. That's to bad that Spot isn't nursing from his mom at all.

Lisa said...

What a great picture. They look like little soldiers standing at attention.

I would have such a hard time not cuddling Spot. He is too cute!

Zuleika said...

Your alpaca herd is really growing fast! I like how they protect the young like that. :-)