Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fiona Goes to Charm School

This is not a good picture of Smitty's little Haflinger mare, Fiona....but I can't take another one for you right now 'cause she's at a trainers learning to be a driving pony.
Andy, the trainer, says they are driving 6 miles a day. When she comes home at the end of the month, she will be the fittest thing on the farm. She is doing well, but the second day, she reared up in the shafts and went over backwards. Sure am glad that she did it there. Actually it's probably a good thing. The old horsemen always told me that if you have a horse that rears, the best thing is to pull them over.


Lisa said...

Yikes! That sounds scary to me. I think I would freak if I saw one go over backwards.

Zuleika said...

What a gorgeous horse! Over backwards!? I'm glad she's okay. :-)

Tracy said...

She sure is a beauty. Glad she didn't get injured.

woolies said...

yikes. I get scared just reading about going over backwards. I saw a horse do it once in a washstall.
(an outdoors washstall) just flipped over. Freaked me out!
anyway, your haflinger is just georgeous.