Friday, April 11, 2008

Dyed Raw Alpaca Evolves....

Do you remember a few months ago when I was dyeing the raw white alpaca fiber? Look here ↑ what it has become. Beautiful yarn, handspun by Carrie. To get a description of how she produced this lovely stuff, take a look at her shop, TemptressYarn
Carrie, a certified fiber art fanatic, mother of two wee ones, lives at Long Island, New York, and creates a multitude of lovely products from hand spun yarn to hand made cards. She crochets, she dyes, she spins, she does it all.

Granddaughter Meredith made some yarn and pot holders and listed them in my Etsy store today. Can you guess? Yep, Carrie, from above, bought her yarn, and friend Collette of Epicurus bought three pot holders. You really must visit the shops of these two who are kind enough to encourage a budding 8 year old future fiber addict.


woolies said...

so yesterday my internet went out, had to call Qwest to come repair it. Got to talking to the repair guy and guess what he and his wife do? Raise Alpacas!!!!

Merily said...

Wow, that yarn is pretty- it looks so Springish!

I just looked at the stuff Meredith made- she's really talented for an 8 year old! I bet she'll grow up to be a great artist. :)

temptressyarn said...

Thanks for showing off my yarn, and for the link to my shop Maple. It is my pleasure to encourage budding fiber artist entrepreneurs! I can't wait to see Meredith's yarn when it arrives.

Zuleika said...

I love that yarn! It looks so soft and spring-like.

Marie said...

Oh, I missed out. I was hoping to get a Meredith pot holder.
Congrats on her sales!