Saturday, March 29, 2008

Go State!

This is a big weekend for Michigan State hockey fans because the team is out in Colorado playing for the National Championship. They won last night and if they win tonight they move on to the Semifinals on April 10 in Denver.

You may recognize these two darlings as my dear granddaughters. The pictures were taken last year when Michigan State won the NCAA National Championship in St. Louis, MO.

And I'm sure you are asking why the kids were at that game...... Right? Well, their Dad is the hockey team physician, so, of course, goes to the games - and the whole family got to go.

Life could get a little sticky for their family because next week the girls will be staying here (YEA!) because their folks are taking high school students to Costa Rica. They will return April 10th when, should State win, Dr. Bob will fly to Denver instead of home to Michigan.

Sunday a.m. - just in case you care, MSU lost last night..... :-(


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Thank-you for your comments about my llama pictures, I had gone down in the field to take llama pictures and after only two pictures.....the batteries died in my camera, will have to try again another day. I know about the ears, we never worried about our baby llamas but I had a friend that did the same as you did and taped tampons in the ears of their baby llama as they were too floppy but they taped them too tight and the poor llama ended up with floppy ears like a puppy. He ended up coming to live at our house as they did not want anything that ugly living at their house. We sold some angora goats to a lady and he went along as a guard for them and he did such a great job of taking care of his charges, he was well loved!!

ThePaintedTiger said...

How disappointing that the team lost.

Enjoy the girls! Nothing better than kids on a farm in spring!

Colorado Knitter said...

They played CC in my hometown. I am actually really excited that Michigan won:-)