Monday, March 3, 2008

Christmas in March

I know, I know. Folks probably aren't interested in family pictures but dear daughter just sent this from Christmas morning, in front of her tree. That's me and husband. Tall girl, Meredith, is only 8 and I'm really worried that the Wallaby sweater, size 12, isn't going to fit her. Elizabeth is 6 and I'm hoping to start her sweater tonight if the yarn came in to my LYS. And, of course, that's my Cassie girl. Can you tell that she adores the grandgirls?


Knitted Gems said...

Great pic!
Cassie is adorable with her red tie.
Give another year and Meridith is going to tower over you.

tara said...

Merry Christmas!
You're family is adorable!

Ohiocrochetlady said...

What a beautiful family photo. What a cute picture.

kim said...

Oh my! Meredith is tall!! What a lucky girl! It really is a great family photo. Cassie is so sweet and those grandchildren are beautiful girls.