Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alpacas as Natural Materials

These are our three young fiber boys (l. to r.) Gunny, N. S. Orion (Slammie), and N. S. Pollux (Luxy). I just stuck in a picture because what I wanted to tell you about doesn't have a pict. unless you go look. And you do ♥ the alpacas, don't you?

Our NorthStarAlpaca store is mentioned and linked in an article by Autumn Wiggins in Crafting a Green World. This online magazine features projects that incorporate reused, recycled, and natural materials. Thank you so much, Autumn.

I do always wonder how someone finds my shop. Etsy does not have a tracking in place for us. Would be such an interesting feature. I can track who comes here and reads my blog through Google Analytics.


Kim said...

I want one!

Don't think they would like living in our garage, though.

Your Alpaca are all so beautiful!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

We do love the pictures of the Alpacas, I loved them with their green scarves, I dare not show the pictures to my Alpacas and Llamas as they do not have scarves, they would be some upset!! Although Maxx the Jack Russell sometimes is a model for the scarves I knit. Am waiting for pictures of the babies!!

Lisa said...

Yes we love the pics of the alpacas. We all live out our animal owning fantasies through them. Maybe you should have an open house so we could all come visit.

Autumn Wiggins said...

Well THANK YOU for the mention! I am spinning up some beautiful grey alpaca roving at the moment...and I know where to go when I run out :)
I know what you mean about Etsy, they used to show page views, which was somewhat helpful.

Anonymous said...

Your pets are fabulous! Who wouldnt want to write about them?!

Gledwood said...

I love those animals... they're basically a cross between llamas and sheep, am I right..??