Thursday, February 7, 2008

Close Your Barn Door

I wonder if I said "Close your barn door" to a little boy if he would know to zip up his zipper? or does this really give a clue to my 65 years?
What we did this morning was not closing barn doors but opening them, all 10 to let horses, sheep, and alpacas out. We had a really big storm yesterday which produced 11 inches of snow, very high winds, and huge drifts. I had shut all the critters in and this morning it took us about 4 hours to hand dig everyone out their own door. In fact, husband is out plowing on the tractor still. A couple of the drifts were 5 feet high.
The above picture was taken from our deck off the kitchen. On the left is Fiona, husband's new Haflinger pony, my big gray Ivan guy, and if you look really close, you can see an alpaca above him.
Left click on pictures for enlargements ☺

This is the side of our property looking out my bedroom window about noon. Love those long shadows heading north. Today is an awesomely beautiful, after the storm, sunny day.


Zuleika said...

Oh how beautiful! I'm coming over to play in the snow! ;-)

skiingweaver said...

So beautiful! I know it's a pain to shovel those huge drifts (they usually reduce me to helpless laughter, what else can you do after all?), but it's so pretty!! Nice day for snowshoeing! (Love the name Fiona, BTW, it's Ms. Bella's middle name).

Knitted Gems said...

Beautiful picutures! We've hardly gotten any snow this year. I think I miss it.

temptressyarn said...

It's beautiful. What I wouldn't do for some snow here on Long Island this year. So far, no luck.