Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alpaca/Mohair Yarn Handdyed and Handspun

Only 2 more ounces and I will have all my handdyed roving used up. This yarn started out as 2 ounces of dyed up white Pollux, one ounce of natural brown Sonata, and a handful of mohair that I got from Edie Bowles at SpinningMoonFarm through her Etsy store. Edie was very helpful teaching me a little about mohair. My past experience was working with some not so fine stuff so I was a little negative. I carded these three elements together on my carder. Have I mentioned that I'm not really very fond of carding? And I do have a very nice Strauch that does a great job, but I just want to get to the spinning. The white that you see in the yarn are the tuffs of mohair.
Very bulky @ 8 wpi - 3.4 oz./95 grams


Tracy said...

That sure looks like it was just plain fun to spin. BTW: I'm not a big fan of carding, either, even though I have a nice carder. Just one of those things.

karabu said...

That's beautiful!
I got some needle felting tools for Christmas, and learning about felting has made me want to start spinning again.
I guess it's all the playing with wool.