Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spinning with the SpinningSpider

Last Friday I spent a wonderful day in Howell at Beth's Spinning Loft taking a spinning workshop from Jeannine Bakriges from Vermont. The class was titled "Spinning Thick, Thin, and Medium Yarn", which I need because I am a slave to my fiber and just spin whatever it wants to be. Blog readers will recognize Jeannine as the SpinningSpider.
Beth, I lifted this picture from your blog. Please don't sue me.
Jenny is a delightful, beautiful, wonderful woman and teacher with an awesome sense of humor. The most important lesson that I brought home is to pick and choose from the "spinning rules" Do what works for me. There are no Spinning Policemen! I now cut my yarn from the spindle with SCISSORS without grief or guilt. I don't HAVE to learn a long draw if my short, backward draw makes nice yarn. If I don't want to change my ratio, and if everything is to my liking, I just keep going.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

I am so jealous. One day I hope to go up for some spinning lessons. Sounds wonderful.

spider said...

Hi Maple! It was so neat to have you in our Saturday class at The Spinning Loft, Maple!! Thank you for spending your time with us fiber folks.

Want you to know that I LOVED it when you said you wanted to use your alpaca for the class as that's what interests you. You go girl!! Bravo! Your bulky looks GREAT!!

Looking forward to staying in touch.
Cheers, Jenny