Saturday, September 15, 2007

This is our Riley cat in his favorite, come hither pose. If you have read the delightful kids' book, My Big Dog by Stevens and Crummel, you would know Riley's personality. He is definitely Merl, "a very special cat", who tries to rid his home of a Golden Retriever who comes to live with him.
A few years ago we found ourselves house catless with incoming mice. Husband says We must get a cat. Says I Just wait, a cat will find us. I was telling our groomer about the mice invasion and she asked if we would like her Riley, a full grown, neutered, declawed male. And being rather suspicious of any free give away, I asked what was wrong with him. It seems that at night, groomer woman puts her 3 Dalmatians in crates - and Riley spends the entire night, parading, meowing, and jumping on their crates which of course keeps the dogs barking all night.
Riley lives here now and know that his job is to rid us of mice and not to tease our three dogs.

Well, I'm off to dye this morning. I make myself chuckle when I say that.


Lisa said...

Glad your dyeing and not dying lol!

Krazy Kate Designs said...

beautiful cat and a cute story.

Liska said...

I guess this pose is something genetic. Yesterday I came to parents' where my cat is on holiday and she spent most of the evening lying by my chair with all her four in the air, wanting me to stroke her belly.
But, how can a declawed cat hunt?

Laura Bartlett said...

I always leave an on-line conversation saying something like my ears are dry or I have to glue my eyes in.

Cats always seem to find their way to the right house. So far, tiny kittens, injured ones and a couple of crazy ones reside here. My husband says the word "sucker" is written in cat on the side of our house.