Sunday, September 30, 2007

Salana's Alpaca Felted Purse

Selana's Crocheted/Felted Purse

In mid August Selana, from Dortmund, Germany, bought a skein of Lady Belita's yarn that I had dyed a burgundy color. I remember worrying about it running when washed and even mentioned in the listing that it might. When Selana sent me this picture, I asked her, and yes, it did run. After crocheting it, she started to hand felt it but finally got "fearless" and tossed it into the washing machine. Pretty cute, isn't it? The good thing is that she likes (as do I) the color. This was one of my first attempts at dyeing and I was using Landscape dyes which worked well, but I have switched to the Jacquard brand although I don't have a conscious reason.

The purse is listed in her Etsy shop if you want to take a look.

Selana is also a digital scrapbook designer and has a nifty Etsy shop for that. She designs all things digital like cards and scrapbooking stuff.


Lynne Land said...

Hi Maple! It was so nice meeting you today at the farm tour, at Suzi's! I can't wait to have my scarf knitted or crocheted. I'll send you a pic when it's done if you want. :) Thanks for explaining the process of spinning to me. It was very interesting!

Lynne Land said...

Hi Maple! So nice meeting you today at Suzi's for the alpaca farm tour! Thanks for explaining the spinning process to me. I can't wait to find someone to knit or crochet my scarf. :) Great site!

Lynne Land