Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The alpaca shows have a competition called a Spin Off in which exhibitors submit 2 ounces of raw fiber along with a picture and information about the alpaca. A judge then evaluates the raw fleece for: First impression, Staple length, Cleanliness, Lack of second cuts, Lack of guard hair, Crimp, Staple architecture, Uniformity, Fineness, and Hand. Points are given for each category.

Then the judge spins up some of it and evaluates on: Ease of preparation for spinning and Ease of Spinning.

Finally the yarn itself is evaluated for Hand feel, softness of yarn & loft and Brightness. A total of 100 points can be earned.

And the winners are....... light fawn, Celeste, on the left above got a blue ribbon with her 100 points. And brown, Sonata, on the right got a blue ribbon for 98 points.

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Everglades Eyes said...

Congratulations on your alpacas ribbons! What a cool thing it is that you're doing!
Constance in sunny south Florida