Monday, August 20, 2007

This is just a brief post to talk about my weekend vendoring at Michigan's Fiber Fest in Allegan. This was my first time there, well, my first time at a real show - period. We could set up on Thursday after 5, and I'm so glad that I got there about 3 because the stupid 8 wiry cubes that I bought to hold roving took 2 hours to put together. They ended up very wobbly and I was so frustrated that I only put together 6. Many vendors walked by me smiling and saying things like, "Oh, yea, I have several of those in my basement."
Marianne, my dearest friend, arrived about 5 with her soap and we rather quickly, I think, put together the rest of our booth. I stayed at her house about an hour away on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Friday was very slow because the advertising for the event names Saturday and Sunday only. Was a great time for shopping. Bought a beautiful basket, some dye, and hand knit socks that I will picture soon.
Saturday was very busy and $$$$ profitable $$$$. The best part was the people who stopped in. Ended up seeing 6 Etsy sellers. Was so much fun putting a face to online friends. I'm hoping that one of them will send me a picture of us to post here. Also had friends from home stop in so that was very special.
Sunday was rather slow again but I got to meet online blogging friend Lisa and her husband. Lisa had a hard time finding me 'cause she was looking for the gray haired AlpacaGranny in the picture with Cassie, and I am now the colored haired AlpacaGranny.
My main sales were rovings. Folks seemed to really like the dyed alpaca and have only four left. I think that dyeing is going to be my main focus for a while. Well, and spinning, of course

I want to talk more about the weekend but I need to go. Even though I put a CLOSED for the weekend notice in my Etsy shop, I have two yarn sales to get out. Hey, I'm definitely not complaining, just hoping that I didn't sell what they ordered. So, I'm off to dig through unpacked bins......


Isis said...

Maple as soon as I find my plugs for the computer, I will send you the pictures. I'm waiting on Dulce to send her and then I can do both at the same time.

Great job you did, I'm it went so great for you.

Take care

Knitted Gems said...

So happy to hear that the Michigan Fiber Fest for a success for you! Congrats.

HobbyZu said...

I'm so happy it was successful for you! That must have been a good feeling to have all that attention. :-)

Liz said...

Congratulations on selling a lot at the Fiber Fest. :)

We didn't make it to the festival or I definitely would have stopped in to meet you. I'm really sorry I missed it.

Lisa said...

You're cute, grey hair or colored LOL! I'm glad you did so well at the show! HUGS!

Tracy said...

Great. Glad you had success AND fun. Congratulations.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

I am so happy to hear you had such a wonderful and profitable weekend. That dyed roving was gorgeous. I can't wait to hear from my secret fiber swap pal about how much she likes the black alpaca/light blue silk roving I got from you for her. It is so beautiful.

Pamala Rose said...

So your dyeing has gone to your head in more ways than one. ;)

Congrats on all the sales!

Laughingrat said...

Congrats on what sounds like a great weekend! I hope some of those sellers with the wry remarks had *help* to offer you, too. ;) Suggestions for a better option would be nice! Heh.

Cool that you got to meet in-person so many people you know from the internet. It's always strange and sort of touching to meet people in real life like that.

I am done spinning up half of the alpaca you sent me, and got a nice (heavy) laceweight from it. It needs to go through a final rinse/dry and will be ready for a picture. I'm not surprised your rovings are selling so well--the fiber is lovely and soft, and you are doing an A-1 dye job. :-D

Mick said...

Hi, Maple.

I stopped by your booth on Saturday and bought my first ever roving from you (and Beau). I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your booth, and I love the personal touch you put on everything. I've put links to your Etsy shop on my blog, and I hope my knitting friends swing by to get some of the alpaca goodness. I can't wait to try my hand at spinning! Take care,