Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Etsy Friends
In order from left to right, then center:
Maple (me) - North Star Alpacas, Dulce - DulcesCreations, Isis - Knitspin , Jessi - White Star Ranch, and Reanee - Squeezle's Galore
This is a picture of some of us from Etsy who managed to get together at Allegan's Michigan Fiber Fest last weekend. We were pointing to and showing off our Etsy pins and stickers. I'm sure that Reanee will kill us when she sees the picture we are putting up. Isis is going to try to get Etsy to publish it on their site blog.
It was so much fun to meet these women who had previously been just a shop name. You know how you imagine how someone looks? I hit it right on with Isis and immediately knew who she was when she walked up to my booth.
By the way, after looking at this pict of me, I'm sure that I made the right move by going back to Weight Watchers last Tuesday. Even if you are not interested, you will be hearing about my lose. (How's that for positive thinking?)


isis said...

Maple, that looks great. Everyone really enjoy meeting each other. Thanks for letting us stop by and meet.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

I am of the belief that photographs are dirty, rotten, lieing, scandulous, no good for nothing scoundrouls. (excuse the spelling, I get like that when I start spitting!!!!0

Tracy said...

What a great pic. You guy's look like your having a ball. As someone who needs to loose weight herself, Good Luck on WW. I'm pulling for you.

Marianne said...

By the looks of it you sure had a good time !
And you sold quite a lot too.
How nice to see a picture of you with another hair color. I'd better join you in loosing some pounds, I can use it !