Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting ready for Michigan Fiber Festival

This is what I have been doing in my kitchen for the last few days. Definitely not cooking. I hate to cook! I'm going through bags and bags of roving deciding what I want to get ready for the Michigan Fiber Festival. I couldn't decide how I wanted to present the roving. Leaving it in the plastic bags and weighing up for people doesn't seem very professional so I came up with this process.
First I weigh out the roving into 1 or 2 ounce piles (I always add a little more), then wind it around pegs on my warping board. The pictures that you see happen to be the 1 ounce samples. Cary suggested that I do 1 ounce samples for folks to try. Sure appreciate her advice since I have only done a walk through at a fiberfest once in my life and don't really know what I'm getting ready for. Anyway...... then I am wrapping the sample with a label featuring a picture of the alpaca that I printed up on cardstock on my computer. I think I will price these small samples at $4 a ball? bump? wrap?, and offer a mix and match at 4 for $12.
So far I have wrapped 73 2 ounce samples and 32 1 ounce samples. Goes fast because I can do it on my bar dividing the living room and kitchen, allowing me to visit or watch television.
Anyone interested in the breeding that is supposed to be going on in the barn -Ariana almost cushed (cush, meaning kneeling on all 4s) this a.m. She was interested but wouldn't stay down. I'm trying to be patient.


Peggy said...

The balls, bumps, wraps (?) look wonderful. I've yet to spin the fiber I got from you. Although I do get it out and love on it ever so often. Why is there never enough time? I'm glad to hear that the "cushing" is going on. :)

Isis said...

Maple that is a good idea to do 1 to 2 oz for a try basis. Now is the 4 for $12.00 is that 1 once each or 2 oz each. that seems to be a good price for 4.

Your little guys looks really great. I'm going to visit my mother in law next week and we are going to visit a friend of mine that have alpacas.


Lisa said...

I like how you have wrapped them into samples. That should be a great way for people to try your fiber, even if they don't have a lot of extra money. I will definitely look you up at the festival.

Liz said...

I think the fiber looks wonderful as well. Makes me want to try spinning some alpaca.

And I will also be going to the Fiber Festival so I will probably see you there. :)