Thursday, June 7, 2007

Love is in the Air

Yesterday I mentioned how little the alpacas look in the horse trailer. I took this picture this morning so that you could see. The 4 legged is Sonata, 2 legged is husband, who I call Smitty, but his name is really Howes.

Today Sonata made the journey to Belding, MI, to hopefully be courted by Tribute to Money. He is a handsome, gray stud who lives with Leslie and Bob Gosnell at Irish Valley Farm . You can see him if you take that link and click on alpacas. You can also see Sonata's mom, JLFA Sofie.

I whispered across the fence to Tribute's ear "Healthy, rose gray, girl" That would be the ultimate for us. Sonata probably won't be home for a few months and we will really miss her. She's our greeter for all our visitors because she gives kisses and likes to be scratched. Little Orion will have to assume this role 'till she gets home.

The two girls left here, Celeste and Ariana, look lonesome in their pen. They are going to meet up with a boy who is coming to visit next week. I can only hope for 4 babies next spring.


Obsidian Kitten said...

hi neighbor! i'm so glad you dropped by my have such gorgeous things in your shop.

such a treat to see your work *and* the lovely critters who contributed to it!

what a delight it is having llamas and alpacas (and sheep and chickens and cats and...) and being able to spin and knit and make all sorts of wonderful things from the fiber of our fleecey friends.

your pacas are just adorable!

Pamala Rose said...

Crossing my fingers for you in hopes of the rose gray of your dreams.

karabu said...

It must be tough sending your darlings away. But I bet the cute babies make it all worthwhile!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Would you please e-mail with you e-mail address (if you are comfortable) or you an go through Etsy. My computer has been down for a bit of time and I have not been able to contact you about being featured on my blog. sorry about the delay. corline

Cary said...

I'm wishing really hard for you, Maple....rose-grey, rose-grey....female....female - LOL!

Now I am wondering ~ did Smitty have to ride in back to keep Sonata company???

Just teasing ;D

Hugs, Cary